Dave Eley

IMG_9516I was ordered to Juneau in 1996 by the US Coast Guard (my wife thought I was being punished) to serve as the Captain of the Port for Southeast Alaska and Commanding Officer of the then Marine Safety Office Juneau.  But Dona and I fell for the beauty and simplicity of Alaska and most of all for Alaskans – with their unpretentious strong work ethic, commitment to teamwork and community.  So we retired from the Coast Guard in 1999.  Since then I have had the great fortune to work with professionals on a ton of consultative projects in pollution prevention, risk assessment, emergency management, maritime security, and marine transportation management.  My clients in Alaska include the U.S. National Park Service, the cruise ship industry, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC), the US Coast Guard, citizens’ environmental advocacy groups, and the Alaska Marine Highway System.  The fun part has been the opportunity to be a part of the network of ship operators, their support agencies, plus government and private response groups.  Collectively, these folk are all united to facilitate trade in Alaska while still working hard to protect the pristine marine environment and responding effectively during those rare times when a vessel gets in trouble.

I also serve as Executive Director of Alaska Steamship Response, a non-profit emergency planning and incident management group with 40+ trained, experienced responders from Dutch Harbor to Ketchikan.

Support for safe, secure maritime operations